Monday, August 3, 2009

Umm... Hi

Not that anyone is sitting around anticipating my return, but for those of you who have been checking in daily, weekly and at this point monthly..... I have returned with some AMAZING stuff!!lol
Just some refreshing tidbits about our oh so fabulous journey we call life.
I have considered secretly going private because I have such anxiety about the fact that I'm not more on the ball like all the other AMAZING mothers who update to what feels like hourly about the cool things their kids are learning and doing.
I then realized it is all about expectations.
I ExpEcT that when I get on to someones blog that I secretly stalk or don't stalk because I have been "invited" that it better dang well be up to date. And you know, it freakin always is. I totally hate you "perfect, beautiful peeps".
Anyhow, I am re-entering the wonderful world of blogging that every husband makes fun of and that all the other women want to be apart of and the place that we all secretly wish we were as witty, spunky, on the ball and creative as that other girl whom we have never seen nor will we ever meet, yet we wish we could because she seems through her words and those most creative pages to be the coolest thing ever created.
To you, here I am........


Nicole said...

What do you mean. "not sitting around anticipating your return?!" Glad you're back.

Meladie said...

YOU are that witty, spunky, and creative girl that makes me love every one of your posts! I'm glad your back in the bloggin' world! You've been way busy! It looks like you've had some super fun times this summer.

Christina said...

OK. So I was going to tell you that I didn't want to give you my secret on how to do the cool signature thingy. I was going to tell you that it takes someone with major major computer and graphics knowledge to pull something off so amazing..not that I think you aren't a computer genious,(HELLO! You have a blog! You are pretty much a website designer!) Truth is, I didn't want to give away my super cool secret. I figured, crap she hasn't updated her blog FOREVER! But...after reading this post, I am going to share my knowledge with you! Actually, I can't remember exactly how to do it, but I have no life, so I will email you my #, you can call me whenever you are at your computer, we can chit chat, and I will figure it out then! So call me! Actually, text me first, cuz I probably won't answer cuz I won't realize it is The Kerra Ryan. So text when you have a minute, and I will call you right back! If I don't hear from ya, I will be sad :(

Christina said...

Also, I have a really cool way to make it seem like you are a totally on the ball blogger, even if you are not! I think I need to write a me and I will tell you my secret!

Tdog said...

Good to see you again, you are freaking awesome.