Sunday, August 31, 2008

AnTs, aNtS, ANTS!!!!

The Ants go marching one by one, who-rah-who-rah....

So, I come into the laundry room one lovely afternoon with nothing better to do then clean up ants.

The lovely yellow particles on the floor along with the ants is the most amazing ant killer called AMDRO.

Look for it at your nearest Home Depot!

Seriously, they are GONE in a matter of minutes and they DO NOT come back.Child and Pet friendly people-what more do you want? Oh, it's like $10!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Family Reunion Weekend

Ready, Set GO!!!!!

You may be wondering what kind of extreme activities can keep a beast like me contained?

Well, we just attended our 4th annual family reunion and boy oh boy, was it fun! Some of the following ExTreMe activities were involved....

  • eating

  • swimming and laying out by the pool

  • eating

  • climbing a rockwall (might I add, Sexy and Fashionable gear is required)

Dang, I'm HOT!

Is that a look of fear or a pure adrenaline rush?

  • eating

  • oh, did I mention EaTiNg?!

We had alot of fun involving Dylan in the activities this year. We let him ride a horse and he had a blast swimming and sliding into the pool with his dad. He even climed the rock wall all by himself! We made smores by the campfire and even hiked checkerboard mesa in Zions (no pics of that:(). He and his cousin are getting to be BiG BoYs now so they got to share the hide a bed in our cowboy cabin.

Handsome little devils, aren't they?

Look at my son, all grown up ridin his first horsey!

The Zion Ponderosa Ranch has many activities for children and adults of all ages and is very reasonable. We had alot of fun spending the weekend away with our aunt, uncle, cousin,nana and papa(sister,bro-in-law, nephew, mom and Doug). I didn't get a pic of all of us together, but don't you worry, we are one HOT bunch! Love you guys

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Suddenly Gone

I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I would post this, and I decided that I would.
When I started my blog I intended for it to be a fun way to talk about my family and show some incredibly UGLY pics of myself and some really CUTE pics of my fam. Also, to educate all of you (my dear friends and friends of friends who read each others blogs) about Structural Bodywork and the truly amazing way it changes lives. Also, I planned to use my blog as a type of journal. I consider myself to be a deep and personal person that does not have a problem sharing my thoughts and opinion's with others. Not trying to persuade anyone in a specific direction, but also just being as real as I can be with every person that I know. I have made so many friends in all different aspects of life and I love each individual for just that. Them being an individual and being who they are. I try hard not to judge and make assumptions towards a way of life that is different then mine, realizing that each person I have ever come in contact with played a part for the minute, day, weeks and years that they were around. A lot of friends I have moved away from and maybe haven't even spoken to in years, but I think of them and could run into them in the store and still talk to them just the same as when we were last together.

With that being said, I lost a friend that I grew up with a month ago, a close friend lost her husband last week, my grandpa passed away 2 days ago and yesterday I received a call that made me sit down and bawl. A friend that I had grown to love and become close to passed away in a horrific car accident along with her 8 year old son. Her middle child was flown to Primary Children's with neck and facial injuries and is said to be in stable condition.

I saw the accidents aftermath and all I could say was that it was an extremely terrible crash. I never expected the individuals inside would be those that I loved.

I tried to put a feeling on the feelings that I was experiencing and pure devastation was all I could feel. You tend to cry and then get yourself together and understand what happened, where was she going, what happened to make her veer from the road, cry more and then suddenly break down feeling helpless, angered and selfish that it isn't right or fair and that you didn't say Goodbye.

When I had Dylan I realized that life was more precious then I could ever comprehend to that point and that life as I knew it would forever be changed. Life comes at you in a seconds flash and can be gone just as fast. When I asked Kassie's mom if she needed anything all she wanted was to turn back time. She told me that she thought if she just loved her kids enough then they would always be ok. My heart hurts so much because I loved Kassie and her children and I love her family. I spent so much time being with them and I think that is what makes it hurt more, is knowing how bad they are hurting. I think we always take for granted our time. Time to talk, laugh, cry, vent our anger, sit at the computer blogging, spend precious precious minutes with our children and our loved ones, and calling or stopping by to see our friends- new or old. We always say we will, but something comes up.

I intended this post to just ramble and cry but also to tell EVERY person who reads this that I know in one way or another, that I have had the opportunity to spend countless hours with or just minutes at a time, that I am so grateful to know you and that you are truly meaningful to me. All of your relationships have impacted my life and I take a little to grow with. Our lives have a purpose and Life was intended to be lived. Live it and Love it every single day to the last drop!

Kassie Shae Lee and Jerym Samuel Lee passed away on August 18 and their lives touched many. My love and prayers go out to the Pectol and Lee Families.

We love you Kas and Jer-Ber

Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Miss Melanie's Swim Camp"

So the beginning of class on the final day of swim camp starts like this: Dylan, my little handsome dogglette (in white shorts) instructing his cousin(in red) what swim buddy(little floaty) he should choose. Now, see the background? All the other children are lined up in or at the pool as Miss Melanie has instructed(hence the hand).

What a BIG helper!? (p.s. don't mind his untied swim shorts. We were running late-another story of my life.)

Hmm... Which swim buddy did Dylan choose? How's the poo-poo and pee-pee from all the other 50 kids Miss Melanie teaches through out the week taste? One of Dylan's many traits, licking everything. His fav. is rocks. I guess we are missing something in the diet. Ya think?

So, is he learning the backfloat or just relaxing in Miss Melanie's arms? p.s. No Sun was Out:}

She is so good and talked really soft in their ears to help them relax

Hey Kerra, Is that Cheese or CHEESE? We love cheese 'round here and please don't mind the glare from my specs, I was moving my vending machine (don't worry world, later post) and was in working attire

I made this one real big so you can see the classic look on Dylan's face as I asked him to get one last picture with Miss Melanie. The look on her face is screaming "Poor little fella, I was just trying to help him Think not Sink. He totally hates me"

She was so great and had the most calm and kind voice. Even though she recommended taking the same class next year(Hey, she says boys are a little slower at this then girls-like everything; POTTY TRAINING)

I really enjoyed have the opportunity to watch Dylan experience something new and fun, but also very useful for the future. He does remember to plug his nose in the tub which he never did before swim camp! You go Miss Melanie! Thank You

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Worst Nightmare

wow, nice root. We could eat off of that for weeks

Now a straight shot to the pool! Can you see it, the small blue thing in the distance? K-Mart special

I thought this morning glory was so beautiful with the white and purple flowers so I let it grow. BIG mistake!

No more pretty

a little forest

what forest?

So, um, yah... For those of us stay at home moms who do nothing but watch soaps and daydream all day while our children change, feed and play all by themselves; I decided to start a revoultion!

We have some very uninvited guests that creep their nasty little selves into our yard every WEEK!!! I'm talking 'bout wEeDs. You may have seen them in the unkept yard of your unruly neighbor or since every house on the block is in foreclosure, you may have seen them there.

Well ladies (and gents for those of our hubbys who pretend not to read our blogs and blogs of our friends) I have them too. I decided to shut off my soaps and finally give Dylan some food and check to make sure he was still breathing and get outside and pull these suckers. I took the guess work out of it for all of you with a before and after and even a rOoT picture.

I hope you can all appreciate your homeowners association fee that you have to pay and mine doesn't really make sense since no ASSOCIATION comes by to mow my grass or pull my wEeDs, but rather I, the homeowner does it.

Here's what it took to FILL UP! Holy freakin cow people.

Do I look like I just got hit by a semi? I felt like it. A cool 100 and I'm out picking weeds. Oh, don't mind the HUGE scab on my face. I went and saw Carol at Asia Nails and looks like a little more then hAiR came off that upper lip:( oh Carol, me lip no feel so good
P.S. I was getting a close up so you could see the sweat beading from me

What the Heck? Did someone holla "Get a Freakin Gardner"

Sunday, August 3, 2008

"My First Time"

Oh my gosh. When I hit the "Continue Blogging" button and it said "your post has been successful" I kinda freaked out inside. I have known about this whole blogging thing for years now and many, many friends (cause I have lots of them) told me to get my butt off their blog and start one of my own! After much thought about the time it would take me to post pics and fun little comments about me and my wonderful family, I decided just to do it. Hence the title. You might be a little scared and some anxiety might build about how long it will last, what it will feel like and what to do when your done, but there is something inside of you that is telling you how bad you want to DO IT!!! I'm talking about the first time you ride the Colossas at Lagoon people. Let's get our minds out of the gutter, although I was kinda exciting myself there for a minute!