Sunday, January 25, 2009

2 of My Favorite Things

Look at these two angelic BFF's. Aww... the sound of silence :}

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Phoenix or Bust!

So the weekend starts out with 7 beautiful babes piling into a car and cruising the lonesome highway to Arizona.

Me, Sara, Angie, Deniece, Marcee, Jen, and Janey headed out for a night of fun where I instantly became "Mother Hen" making sure that everyone was where they should be and that all the ladies were enjoying themselves. What the heck was I thinking not packing my "Hot Mom" clothes so I could let loose a little?! (sorry no pics)

Saturday morning we woke up late (like real late, 10:30 am) and went out for some delicious breakfast. We ended up laying around for the rest of the day by Sara's pool, just sunning ourselves in the 80 degree weather. It was honestly so relaxing. Not that I don't totally love my husband or my son, but with not a care in the world and no one to reply to, I could get used to that!

That night we went to CPK to carbo load and shop a bit. I ended the night with the most amazing piece of carrot cake. Like I've said, the best part of running is the night before when you gorge on carbs and sweets to fuel you for the next day.

Sunday morning we got ready to run and had the most intelligent (I say this because he knew just a little to much about everything) taxi cab driver take us downtown. I got the pleasure of sitting up front next top this sweet spirited, missing tooth and breath was result of hadn't been brushed in a long while man. Needless to say, I rolled the window down and held my jacket over my face. Nothing wrong with a little halitosis:{

The run was Awesome and I will do it again. Probably one of the funnest races I've done. Tonz of people line the streets and we ran right through town with the cars passing by. It's a true adrenaline rush. The best part was probably the fact that I had a little unexpected liquid come from no where and because I was at the very end of my 13.1, I just kept running. For all of you runners, you know what I'm talking about when the body does things you just don't expect. It was kinda like when you fart for the first time in front of your husband (do not say it hasn't happened). You just roll with it and kinda pretend like it didn't happen, hope it doesn't smell and talk a little bit louder in hopes that no one heard. BTW: I did not poop my pants

So, with that being said, a tradition has been started, new friendships have been made and 13.1 more miles were added to the runnin shoes. Thanks Sara for being the ultimate host and to
Angie for driving us all over the place. I had a blast!

Pre race pic taken by my boyfriend Hal:}

Post race- Nice and sweaty

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Milk & Tuna, or Jerky?

The "Panther" won't eat tuna or drink his milk, but he sure loves jerky?!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

At the end of the day it's all about family. Regardless of if we have been getting along every hour of every day or if we are at the best financial place in our life, we it comes down to it... all that really matters is that you have your family right by your side. Through good times and bad, through sickness and health and for RiChEr or PoOrEr (that's what we say on the happiest day of our life, right)?! So, with that being said... I Love my boys. Always have, always will. And for those of you blood relatives near and far(you know who you are) you mean the most to me too. Friends, and acquaintance's, the same. Our lives wouldn't be what they are if it was meant to be.

FaMiLY:(according to The Oxford American Desk dictionary)
1. set of parents and children, or of relations.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to "The Dougler" aka: Papa, Doug, or The Sprinkler Doctor! And let's not forget... Happy Birthday to "Big K" aka: Dad, Grandpa Kerry, or Kerry!
(is it super creepy that my mom married to different men with the exact same birthday? Oh well, we love them both anyway:})

Papa Doug enjoying some of his favorite kind of treat

Grandpa Kerry and Dylan