Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yes, I'm IT!

So, like the wonderful game of tag that I have been missing out on until I got my blog, I'm It, by two people. YES(said just like Napolean Dynamite)

4 things I adore about my husband:

1.No lies here ladies, my babe shops for the grocerys and I can't tell him enough times THANK YOU!

I don't like wasting time and I feel like shopping for our groceries is a waste of good time and I have issues with people sometimes. My husband unselfishly gets the groceries and knows that almost 99% of the time I will be home taking a nap.

2.He changes Petey's Diaper(catbox). Ever since I was preggers and we found out that pregnant ladies should not be around cat litter because of all of the stuff in it, he unselfishly changed it and still does. Somestimes I do have to remind him, but he always does it

3. He is super, super smart. He always reads tonz of books in all different categories of life. He wants to help anyone and everyone he can in the financial departments of their life and he trys to influence people with his knowledge and time in anyway that he can. At the times when his knowledge is over my head and I am trying really hard to get it and understand I am just so happy that he pays the bills and will do whatever it takes to keep our family running.

4. He always, always supports me in everything that I do. If it's a new exercise regimen or the way I want to discipline Dylan, he always hears me out. He trys it my way and even if he doesn't always like it right at that moment, he still follows through for the bigger plan. He supported me in school while we were new parents, he supported me in my beliefs and started coming to church and now leads us in that journey, he supports me in my new-found running carrer, he supports me by putting up with my fam(love you guys) and attends all the functions with a glad heart, he supports me in the love I have for all my friends and that sometimes I need to be their for them. Thanks Just for being a great guy that puts up with alot of stuff. You are the most mature 24 year old I know and I love you for it! he he

4 movies I would watch more than once:

1. 40 year old virgin(please don't judge me)

2. Sweetest thing

3.Center Stage

4. Footloose

4 T.V. shows I would watch more than once:

1. The Office

2. One Tree Hill ( I know I'm a total teenager) I'm totally obsessed!!

3. Splash of Color with David Bromstead

4. Rock of Love Season 2(how trashy am I)

4 places I have been:

1. Costa Rica

2. Idaho

3. California

4. Mexico

4 people who email me regularly:

1. mom

2. Holls

3. swell

4. money mastry

4 of my favorite foods:

1. Hummus(eatn it as we speak)

2. Mexican


4. anything my mom makes. Seriously

4 places I would like to visit:

1. Ireland

2. Chicago

really peeps, it's hard for me to travel cause I get major anxiety on the plane. I like to stay close to home and I've already visited there!

4 things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

1. The vending machines paying for themselves!!!

2. Growing my business

3. paying off bills

4. Christmas because we are going to Cali to hang out with my awesomest uncle and aunt ever!!!!

Nicole... sorry it took me so long. I have had it drafted for 2 weeks! Forgives:(?

So I'm taggin Melanie, Malea, Chelsea and Jamie!! Have fun hotties

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 20, 2008

What an amazing way to spend a sUnNy Saturday afternoon! My amazingly creative neighbor came to our benefit for Kassie and Jerym and I asked her to just start taking tons of pictures of all the happenings. I didn't point out anyone in the family and she took some of the most moving pictures I could have ever asked for. I went to pick up the pics and she had put them to this song.

It's not often in life that you are able to open your heart to experience the gift of love. Love is something that can be given and also received if you are willing to be ready at any point in time for the possibilities that can change your life because of it.

Love really is the greatest gift you can ever give and I will be forever greatful for the opportunity I had to love Kassie and Jerym. Knowing both of them and their families helped me have a better understanding of the words "unconditional love".

If you haven't given it- Give it. If you haven't felt it- Let yourself feel it. If you haven't opened your heart to receive it- Open it and open it wide. Our lives will forever be changed now that they are gone, but they were already forever changed because we had them in it. With love always, Kerra

Monday, September 15, 2008

*EVERYONE* Please Read

Everyone Please forward this blog site to Everyone that did or did not know Kassie and Jerym Lee. A benefit has been set up for Sat. Sept. 20 @ 9:00 am and we want EYERYONE to come! Thanks for your help and C U There!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yo-Naturals Baby! It's Organic

Here is a day in the life of a vending machine owner- Oh, that 's ME!

We meet the big semi and unload his truck into our truck(thanks waybs for the truck)LoOk at all those boxesWhat a minute, who is this handsome little devil? And what BIG muscles he hasHow about this hallway that gets filled with the boxes from the truck that we get to unpack and sort for each machine? Sounds like fun, doesn't it!!!Umm... dElICiouS and NutRutiOus treatsThat's alot of garbage to recycle!!(earth friendly, that's me)Wow, who organized that closet? She must be AmAZinG!!!How's my girl lookin? Pretty cute I know and there are 4 more just like her So, there you have it folks. A day or should I say days in the life of a vendor. Don't forget to place the order, go to Costco to pick up drinks, drive to all 4 locations and 1 of them needs you 2 times a week cause the kiddos are diggin the treats, decide what stuff to switch up if a product doesn't sell and hope you made a good choice, go to the bank to cash in your money and remind the teller each time that you are NOT a stripper or drug dealer cause you come in once a week to deposit bundles of one's.
We wanted to bring something to the schools and workplace that was healthy and yummy so our kids can have something other then a sugar high and a sugar low. The products are organic, gluten and wheat free, low in natural sugar and YUMMY. Next time the chitlens need some money for the vending machine ask if it's Yo-Naturals and tell them to try it if they haven't. You too!!!
Don't forget to give your vending machine person a hug next time cause it's a "Dirty Job, but somebody's got to do it"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm ObsEsSeD!!!!

Ok, so when you have changed your template 4 times in a week and you only started blogging like 1 month ago, you have a problem.
Not to mention that you haven't been sleeping for the past 3 days because you are so worried about how to get your slideshow to post. You would think that you were a single, unemployed, non-home owner with not a care in the world, who can sit on the computer day and night BLOGGING!
Hello people, It's me I'm talkin about! After 2, yes I said 2 cups of coffee at 10:30pm to keep me going, I think I figured it out. My awesome sis-in law(and husband) walked me through some stuff and then low and behold my BFF just happens to be awake and walks me through some other important stuff!! Love You Guys!
I knew I didn't want a blog for this very reason. I just can't stop! I'm reading all of yours and updating all of mine and it's like an obsession. I wait for the days to pass so I can post another of what I think is a very insightful post, pics included.
So, when you see me in real, life not via blog, please-DO NOT BE ALARMED- at the bags under my eyes, hair totally messy, no makeup and the same t-shirt in 4 days. I have not started any extra curricular(might I add,ILLEGAL)activities although at the rate I'm going I may need some. No it's just a good old case of the "Can't figure out all the computer lingo for my blog" blues!