Monday, August 3, 2009

Footloose, Footloose Everybody Cut Loose

Some of my longest and dearest friends came down on Saturday so we could drag all the husbands to Footloose at Tuachan.
We enjoyed some scrumptious din (sorry Mel and Chad-next time) at Haven and then headed to the show.
There were some cheesy parts, but it was good. Me and Mel sat next to each other and made some nasty jokes(k, mostly I did) about some of the characters in the show.
Justin sat next to me eagerly awaiting the end, but never complaining til we got home about the guy directly behind him who farted the whole time and with no breeze and 105 outside you know that was ripe!
I have known these ladies my whole life and there has never been a dull moment even now that we r moms! I turned up genuine real loud in the toaster and Chad played some Sir Mix Alot in the92 Ford as we jammed in the back seat. We didn't go to bed til 3!
Thanks girls for always takin me back to my roots!!lol MHS is #1

K, so how bad A is my friend Jayci that rode her Spyder down from Spanish fork in a skirt and heels? She crusied Dyl around the block!!

Here's my babe totally intense on the Spyder

Dinner. So good til the last bite

Do you notice how my bangs look just like Sandy the dog from Annie? Whoa, who needs a haircut

All the hot babes


Meladie said...

Aww...I had so much fun with you guys! Seriously though, can u believe my hubby!?!?! I'm still laughing...Hilarious! Genuine definately was awesome, such good times! We need to do it again soon...and this time we'll make it down a little earlier! :)
K that hotel is SCARY!!! Wow, that place is sure a beauty, bugs & all! :) You guys, however, are looking great at 6am...Way 2 go! You're amazing and one day I really hope to be in as good of shape as you.

The Grantham Family said...

So fun to hook up with long time friends...and spouses! I have to say that I am jealous you saw Footloose...dang, Kevin Bacon baby was da' bomb!

I thought you always had a hair apt Wednesday's, 2'

Love ya and miss you girl!

ryanfam said...

Lin lou grantham how in the holy heck goodness did you ever remember that? I guess thats why no matter the distance we will always be friends forev!

Nicole said...

How fun. I can't even remember the last time I saw Mandy. I love reading about your adventures, but that hotel room was nasty. I don't have to stay in anything close to luxery, but I think that would've brought me to tears!

Christina said...

Musical theater, 105 degree heat,smelly-not-their-own-farts and husbands do not mix!

holli said...

That was so much fun! Deep down, the guys really liked Footloose just as much as we did. And dinner was freakin' good. Can't wait to eat there again! Thank You so much for once again letting Curt and I stay! I know Grams' wanted us to stay with her...but little does Grams know that I needed to stay with my freakin' awesome friends!!!! I can't believe that I was up until 3, that totally kicked my butt! We need to have another little get-together again! Love Ya Lots!!

Keely said...

What are you talking about? I think your bangs look so cute in that picture! Seriously!!
It looks like you guys all had such a great time. It's so much fun to be able to do fun things with friends.