Monday, August 3, 2009

Pine Valley Overnight:)

We decided to load up the toaster and head to Pine Valley overnight! So much fun we did have!
Jake and Sarah were in charge of breakfast and me and my babe had dins.
Oh so delicious was that amazing dutch oven dinner-Fiesta Chicken. Justin never ceases to amaze when he puts his mind to it. He "seasoned" that baby for 3 days and stunk up the house like metal from all the oven cleanings he had to do. In the end it paid off!
Me and Waybs ran 7 miles to prepare for the Bryce Canyon half. She wanted to see how she would do with the altitude change. I guess we should have been a little more worried bout me since I had to stop at mile 5.5 cause I had to poo so bad. Sorry, I know its gross, but all you runners out there know the feelin. It totally sucks and your humiliated and bummed, but what do you do?

Here's those two most handsomest little philleys.