Monday, October 27, 2008


Single-Green- Potty Training-Frog who keeps his undies dRy cause he is a "BIG Boy", does pee-pee and poops(aka-snakes) in the toilet, and gets a delicious treat after he uses the toilet!!!

Yes, you heard it right peeps, I responded to this ad and now I've got me a handsome little 3 year old who is P to the otty Trained!

I started out thinking that because Dylan was 2 1/2 years old we were throwin those diapers away and waking up to have a huge potty party! Um... ya, I was totally WrOnG. Who knew the parents don't make all the big decisions?

Justin read an article in his Men's Health magazine(not just ripped up hotties on the cover) about a dad who woke his son up one morning with a boy doll who was wearing underwear and who needed to use the potty. He would give his son a treat everytime he used the bathroom or attempted to and also gave his son the babies treat after the baby sat on the toilet. The dad also put some tootsie rolls in the undies of the baby to represent an "accident" and wet his undies once or twice and let the little boy feel it. He still gave the baby a treat even though he had an accident and just kept talking to the little boy about keeping his undies dry.

Holy cow, it totally worked. Dylan just jumped right to the big toilet and although we have had a few accidents it isn't even worth mentioning compared to the success! Justin started it out on Sat. and Sun. and I took over during the week. We have been going strong for 3 weeks now!!!

Maybe it has something to due with the fact that Justin isn't as highly stressed out like me and he wasn't curled up on the bedroom floor after day 3 of Dylan not wanting to be potty trained(true story of me the first time around with real bawling tears and everything. I'm such a FREAK!), or the pure fact that Dylan was ready to wear his big boy undies? Hmm... who would have thunk that a single, green potty training frog could have made all the difference?

Don't you just love the way life works it self out?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once again, it's about me!

So here is my two tags in one: 25 things about me and crazy 8's. Don't you worry, I will keep it short,sweet and to the point.

8 favorite shows: Seriously I really only have two, The Office and One Tree Hill

8 things I did yesterday: went to the gym, went to mom and me aerobics, went to embrodery plus to make my Halloween costume, went to Halloween Alley at the Tonaquint Nature Center, went to Golden Spoon for a treat after, helped Sarah finish some baby shower decorations, called my clients to schedule appts. for the week. Wow, I'm incrediably interesting

8 favorite places to eat: Samauri 21, Pachangas, Cafe Rio, Don Pedros, My moms, Milts in Cedar, Pasta/Pizza Factory, Egg n I

25 Things about me:
* I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mustard on almost everything.
*I sleep with a night light or the bathroom light on. I totally get night anxiety and I know I'm a freak
* I do not enjoy the snow
* I totally love sweets and I have to work really hard to not eat them
*I don't like chocolate. I will eat brownies and those homemade oreos, but thats 'bout it
*I am not LDS even though I have lived in Utah since I was 3
*I was raised up in good 'ol Fillmore Utah. Yes peeps, there really is a town there!
*I have one very dumb tattoo on my ankle
*I have a huge issue with people wearing shoes in my house. I still love you but you gotsta take yer shoes off
*I can help people grow taller
*I am the oldest of all the grandchildren on both sides. I guess that's why I'm everyone's favorite!!
*I started running this year
*I have been married before
*I bought my first house at 22 when I was single and shopping for someone to love! Guess I found him in the exact same complex!
*My first grade teacher was my favorite and most meaningful to me
*I write poems sometimes
*I do not enjoy shopping in crowded places
*I won a car
*I'm totally high strung and I stress out way to much
*I like red wine
*I love morning coffee
*My friends would say I am the most outspoken and daring
*I was a bagger at Albertsons for a very very short time:(
*I hate my smile and I once asked the dentist if he could fix it for me. He said yes but I would have to have my jaw broken and reconstructed. I decided maybe I would just show these gums for life
*I have worn glasses since the third grade

Well everyone, there you have it. A few more exciting tidbits about my life. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

So, today Dylan decided he needed to get started plucking his eyebrows.
What can I say... He learns from the best! (I have to pluck EVERY SINGLE DAY)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I got this email and thought it was so profound and so deep to the soul. I thought I would share it with you:
"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you; Jesus Christ and the American solider. One died for your soul; the other for your freedom."

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TaG... NoW U R It!

So the rules of the game r to pick the 4th file in your pHoToS and then the 4th pIcTuRe in that file and then talk 'bout it.

So... here goes little phillies.

This is one of the centerpieces from our wedding last September. Yes, it was the September day that it basically flooded the town and rained non-stop and I called every place in town looking for canopy's and then I bought one from Lowe's and borrowed one from Heideman Mortuary and the fellas in town for the wedding(including my hubby) ran out to Ivin's to stand in the remaining drizzles and put those baby's up over the cake and the chairs. Without further complications after the wedding planner moved all the furniture in the house cuz she thought we would move the weddn' inside, she put all the furniture back and pulled all the plastic off the tables and pictures and the amazing talent Lindsay of Orhids and Co. delivered all the final touches and our day was perfect. Just a little bit of red dirt left over on the dress from the moist (and I do mean moist) ground.
Well, I feel really bad that it wasn't a pic of my handsome little phillie Dyl or my lucious husband, but I hardly ever file stuff and this really was my 4th file and 4th photo! Aren't those flowers pretty though? Pictures just don't do it justice!
Tag, u r it: Keely,Camille,Holli,Kayln,Kelly

Also, a shout out to my mother-in-law Nana Julie! Today is her B-day and Dyl misses her very much. He always cries when she is leaving and then the next day asks if he can go in her white car (after she has left to SLC). I am grateful to have a loving, kind and very understanding mother in law. She is devoted to her family and loves every minute with her grandchildren. We love you Nana!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who Knew?

October 4 was a huge event for 7,000 inspiring, determined people from all around the country. The St. George Marathon is an event that some look forward to years ahead of time. Those of us who don't run, have never run or are just starting to get their groove on in the running world, we have yet to experience the feeling of accomplishment only a runner knows after making it 26.2 miles. Congratulations to all of you who ran and to those of you who freakin kicked some major bootie and beat your previous time or times. Way to go studs. You guys ROCK!

Which leads me to the title of my post " Who Knew" that we would be celebrating some more very important birthdays this weekend.
First of all... my mom. Known to this clan as :Big L, Big Lis, L.B., Mom or Lisa. She turned 47 on October 4. She doesn't look much past the late 30's and loves being reminded daily (seriously) that she is to young looking to be a grandma and that I must be her sister. No jokes, her head is going to explode with the swelling from those of you who find it unbelievable that she is 47. I have to admit, she is cute and if I can look as good as she when I'm that age then bring it on!
Here's to you mom. I love you and I appreciate every moment we have to spend together. Your

an amazing example of strength and love and your the most genuine person I have ever known.

Next, to my main squeeze, my babe, my man. Justin turned the big "25" on Oct.5. Wow, is he getting old or what? He celebrated his day by driving to Virgin to watch a bike tournament and then came home to go out on a bike ride of his own. For those of you who don't know he is totally hard core on the mountain bike and he could be gone for days out in the wilderness.

Hope you had a great day riding your bike and grubbin down on some of LB's home cookin. Here's to you and remember what you said... you know this year is going to be good. Go get 'em tiger! We love you babe!

Happy Birthday to our niece Sage on October 4 too! We love you Sagie.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Check Below 4 Pics @ Dyl's Party. I can't get it 2 post here & it's real cute!!!
So dont worry about me being just a little behind the times... or alot! The beginning of September was quite hectic (as months usually are) with the exception of some wOnDeRfUl celebrations over at our pad.
Dylans birthday is September 15 and our wedding anniversary is September 22.
It was like one party after another with Dylans cousin Treyton's B-day on the 9th, Dyl's friend Jaxson the 12th, Dyl celebrated at his preschool on Friday,his cousins and nana from SLC had a party on Sat., church had a party on Sunday, and FINALLY, yes FINALLY the big day arrived on Monday! He was so excited because every party we went to he asked if it was his party! We had so much fun at the park and enjoyed all of Dylans friends and parents that came.

P.S. If you order your special persons cake from Wal-Mart call to double check that the cake is actually done. Even if they tell you on the phone when you make the order that it will be done, call anyways! We pulled the head off of a Shreak cake and the girl tried to make it look like an emergency zone in 20 minutes before the party started. Hmm... did I hear you say " Should have called 25 and Main"? Ya, when we get rich and famous I will!!!

I would also like to tell my babe that he's fabulous and thanks for a great 1 year official. (yes peeps, he is my baby daddy and we lived in sin for 3 years)
Sometimes stuff happens and you learn to grow together regardless of your situation. We've been makin it happen since I hired him at Pac Sun over 4 years ago and then he quit and then he confessed his love for me! he he (he really did though). We have been together ever since. Through the thickness and the thinness, we just keep workin it. Love ya, sugar ....... ( I can't use those words on the blog, but some of you know it) he he