Monday, August 3, 2009

How to survive in these ECONOMIC Times

I just wanted to let everyone know how my sister and I decided to save some$$ at the Bryce Canyon half marathon.
Has anyone ever watched a creepy Alfred Hitchcock film? Seriously, I'm not even joking.
From the moment we pulled in to the parking lot to the minute we walked into our room.
Freakin scary, but so dang funny! We were creeping around at midnight to take pictures to capture the moment!
Not even lying these are the real pics!

Look at this TV. Did it work, yes it did. I left it on all night so no one would break in cause they would think we were up. The shower curtain with friend included

So umm... yeah I squatted the entire time! How do you get better then that homemade sign?

Here's some more friends on the floor. Here's how we protected r selves against bad guys

This was the weapon we would use if someone pushed past our table:) How bout that sign?!

And saving the best for last... 6 am ready to run!

Can u tell by my # I wait til the last minute to sign up? I don't know why but I guess I'm waiting for a coupon or a discount or something


Christina said...

Scary. Did you sleep on the bed? Gross, I don't want to know! Do you remember on Lindsay's blog she posted about a trip she took to SLC. She stayed in a hotel and a murder happened. There was blog all in the elevator and down the halls and stuff! I love that you took a picture of the TV.

Keely said...

Oh my goodness...that is the scariest room I have every seen!! Luckily you had your sister there to laugh about it with. I loved the homemade sign...totally classic!!
But you seriously are my idol. You are awesome to be able to run in all the half marathons like you do.