Friday, April 24, 2009


My sister asks me last night if I got her text. "No" I say.
She calls me later to tell me that the text she sent me got sent to one of the pastors of our church. The one who will be marrying her next Saturday.
Here is what the text said: I'm pretty sure everyone downstairs can see my cooter(our family word for the down below woman parts)... oh well
So, long story short, she was upstairs at the gym in her daisy dukes sweating bones on the elliptical and she thought this was important information I needed to know.
Low and behold she accidentally sent the message to the sweet and innocent pastor. Luckily she called him and he had been so busy at the church he didn't even read it. (or so he said)!!!
Moral is- watch those slippery sweaty fingers when your texting at the gym:}

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


My newest 13.1 mile time to beat. Really nothing to brag about, but for me it's not about winning-just about doing better then I did the time before.
It was a beautiful day in SLC and the course was perfectly mapped out. I think it made it easier for me to run because I new the destination, so I could keep telling myself that I was almost there.
My Aunt Steph (who is still a hottie at40 somethin) ran in the 5k along with my beautiful bride-to-be sis. They both did amazing in their age groups.
We ended the day with a trip to Citrus Grill for a post race breakfast and then headed to Gygi's for some last minute wedding decor.

Is there a family resemblance?

Say Cheese! A big Cheese

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Late Easter Post

I got to share the Easter holiday this year because it was my BIRTHDAY!
Yes, that's right. The big 29! Seems like yesterday I was turning 16 and getting that most anticipated cedar chest that mom just thought I had to have (sorry mom, but you know how un-excited I was) and getting kissed upstairs by my boyfriend that I was so madly in love with.
Now, that was a birthday to remember!

This year was great and sharing it on Easter Sunday was way more cool, then just eating cake. Speaking of cake, I ate 5 pieces of my homemade carrot cake(thank you very much Jon) and I enjoyed every single bite. Then 1 day after my birthday I got another homemade cake (delicious Bryce) and enjoyed it so. What's a birthday without cake?

Saturday night mom had a family party for me with carne asada, rice, beans and all the fixings. So good!! Thanks mom for always cooking me good food!

Sunday after church we headed to the park in coral canyon (awesome park for the kiddos) and enjoyed sandwiches, salads and many treats. We watched the big boys throw around the pig skin (as Justin would say) and had an Easter egg hunt for the little kids. The weather was perfect!

Dylan with his basket the "Rabbit" left him.
How handsome is this little philly? This was his exact pose. No lies. I'm in BIG trouble

Run, Dyl, Run!
Yes, he found his favorite color. The green egg!

Dylan Sage Aria Kyler (don't look at Dyls wt basket. I left his home:{)
One BIG happy family! (and forget the fact that my shirt makes me look totally preggo-I'm not and I'm super sexy with my eyes closed-oh well)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Have you ever "clicked" around and checked out other peeps blogs and then suddenly feel 100% less than because your thinking"what the heck, how come my pictures don't ever look like that and I've never seen an option that would make my blog look like that." Or "where did they get that cutest background ever?"
The worst is the totally hilarious, witty and completely clever girls that say everything just the way you wish you could, except they already did and you are left wishing that you kinda hadn't "stalked" them earlier cause you want to leave a comment, but they don't even know your name and your left to ponder your blog and how to really "spruce" it up?
Oh well, I guess. That's what I get for stalking....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Justin and I are just rounding the end of our 3 day fast. We decided for reasons regarding insight, guidance, and pure desire to do what is right that we would take a journey where we had never been.
Fasting has been done by millions of people for millions of reasons and just recently we had fasted for 24 hours for our brother in law who was having a second tumor that had attached to his brain removed. His surgery was successful and we thank God for the grace he gave to Julio and his family.
My mom had shared this book with me about fasting and how to dive deeper into your relationship with the Lord and what fasting can bring about in the lives of you and those around you.
I wasn't waiting for a deep revelation to be thrown from the skies or for someone to put a huge package on the doorstep, but we wanted to make sure that the directions we are going in life are the ones that bring the most glory to God.
I think so often we get caught up in the world that is happening around us. All the misfortunes, the wrong doings, the terribly poor economy, the persons we can't stand; that we forget what life is truly about, or should be about.
I won't lie one single bit, it was hard after day one to see or smell food(any food). You know what to expect during a 24 hour fast because many of us have done them numerous times in life, but with just water, juice and chicken broth for 3 days you start to become quite irritable. I realized that I was suddenly becoming angry with Justin for things that we were praying about. I was taking the focus off the real reason we were fasting- to better understand our path in this life.
As day 2 was ending I journaled out anger realizing that I was doing this quite wrong and I had let myself get distracted. I am very aware of the true blessings that our family has always had. From the day Dylan was born, our lives drastically changed for the better and although our situation was not one that was pleasing to God, I know he gave him to Justin and I.
Things always work out the way they are supposed to. Not always are we happy about what we are faced with, but I know without a doubt the the Lord does not give us more then we can handle. He just planned our lives so accordingly.
So, with that being said, this is a good read. Excellent I might add. For anyone of any faith. Of any religion. It helps you to understand the simple things so much better.
BTW PEEPS: We are celebrating victory with a delicious breakfast with anything I can get my hands on(including a bowl full of the most delicious homemade potato salad you have ever tasted)! Thanks T-Babes and Joyce!

Sorry it is kinda small. I'm still working on my downloads:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank You

In times like these I just wanted to tell all of my clients, near and far, big and small, young and old and to he who passed away-Bill Croft Wed. March 4, 2009, that your business and your friendships mean the world to me.
Everyday I get filled up with the lives that are changing right before my eyes.

The economy, family circumstance, random mishaps, and life's up and downs have happened or are happening to all of us and I know that for so many, times are very hard. Clients continue to refer clients and even as times are, my business continues to grow.

So, to all of you, Thank You! Thank you so much for giving my life purpose. A purpose to create, educate, and manipulate the body! I love what I do and I appreciate my clients more then you may ever know.

Thank you for teaching me and allowing me to teach you. Thank you for the difference your lives have made in mine and thank you for your willingness to want to make a change in and of yourself for the better.

"Soul and body react sympathetically upon each other; a change in the state of the soul produces a change in the shape of the body and conversely, a change in the shape of the body produces a change in the state of the soul." -Aristotle