Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank You

In times like these I just wanted to tell all of my clients, near and far, big and small, young and old and to he who passed away-Bill Croft Wed. March 4, 2009, that your business and your friendships mean the world to me.
Everyday I get filled up with the lives that are changing right before my eyes.

The economy, family circumstance, random mishaps, and life's up and downs have happened or are happening to all of us and I know that for so many, times are very hard. Clients continue to refer clients and even as times are, my business continues to grow.

So, to all of you, Thank You! Thank you so much for giving my life purpose. A purpose to create, educate, and manipulate the body! I love what I do and I appreciate my clients more then you may ever know.

Thank you for teaching me and allowing me to teach you. Thank you for the difference your lives have made in mine and thank you for your willingness to want to make a change in and of yourself for the better.

"Soul and body react sympathetically upon each other; a change in the state of the soul produces a change in the shape of the body and conversely, a change in the shape of the body produces a change in the state of the soul." -Aristotle


holli said...

Kerra I am not one of your clients but that is so kind of you. I know working with the same people you become wrapped up in their lives and care about them. I feel the same way about some of my banking customers. You always put your feelings down so well....and for that I look up to you for that!

Love Ya!

Megan Andersen said...

Now that's a girl whose hands I want rubbing me down for sure!!! Your clients are very lucky to have you as well!!