Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Justin and I are just rounding the end of our 3 day fast. We decided for reasons regarding insight, guidance, and pure desire to do what is right that we would take a journey where we had never been.
Fasting has been done by millions of people for millions of reasons and just recently we had fasted for 24 hours for our brother in law who was having a second tumor that had attached to his brain removed. His surgery was successful and we thank God for the grace he gave to Julio and his family.
My mom had shared this book with me about fasting and how to dive deeper into your relationship with the Lord and what fasting can bring about in the lives of you and those around you.
I wasn't waiting for a deep revelation to be thrown from the skies or for someone to put a huge package on the doorstep, but we wanted to make sure that the directions we are going in life are the ones that bring the most glory to God.
I think so often we get caught up in the world that is happening around us. All the misfortunes, the wrong doings, the terribly poor economy, the persons we can't stand; that we forget what life is truly about, or should be about.
I won't lie one single bit, it was hard after day one to see or smell food(any food). You know what to expect during a 24 hour fast because many of us have done them numerous times in life, but with just water, juice and chicken broth for 3 days you start to become quite irritable. I realized that I was suddenly becoming angry with Justin for things that we were praying about. I was taking the focus off the real reason we were fasting- to better understand our path in this life.
As day 2 was ending I journaled out anger realizing that I was doing this quite wrong and I had let myself get distracted. I am very aware of the true blessings that our family has always had. From the day Dylan was born, our lives drastically changed for the better and although our situation was not one that was pleasing to God, I know he gave him to Justin and I.
Things always work out the way they are supposed to. Not always are we happy about what we are faced with, but I know without a doubt the the Lord does not give us more then we can handle. He just planned our lives so accordingly.
So, with that being said, this is a good read. Excellent I might add. For anyone of any faith. Of any religion. It helps you to understand the simple things so much better.
BTW PEEPS: We are celebrating victory with a delicious breakfast with anything I can get my hands on(including a bowl full of the most delicious homemade potato salad you have ever tasted)! Thanks T-Babes and Joyce!

Sorry it is kinda small. I'm still working on my downloads:)


Nicole said...

Life gets so busy and hectic that we do sometimes forget to remember why we are here and what is important. Good for you-taking the time to fast and pray about your life. And on top of it all- I bet you never knew that potato salad could be sooo good!

Malea and Parx said...

Im such a fat girl I dont think I could do it! you are so awesome Kerra love ya!

The Johnson's said...

What a GREAT post!! I can't imagine fasting for 3 days, but I can bet it'd be an amazing experience! Good for you!!! Thanks for sharing & thanks for the reminder to take a step back & re-focus on the things that really matter in this life!

jonny said...

Nice work you guys, hope you got all you wanted and needed out of your fast. I know there is a lot going on in your lives right now, and involving the Lord in your decisions is the best step you could take. (Good work on not devouring that salad early, glad we could contribute to the difficulty of your fast:)

scott and melanie said...

Wow! There is no way, but maybe I might loose some fat You to are very determined. That is awesome that you both handled each other.

Keely said...

Wow Kerra...that's so incredible and courageous to do a 3 day fast, I'm so impressed! I don't blame you for being irritable after 2 days. Whenever our family fasts (and it's only 24 hours NOT 3 days!!) we're grumpy after missing 2 meals and have to kindly remind each other why we are fasting.
You guys have some serious will-power, along with tremendous faith.
Thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

The Venutis said...

Good for you! That is awesome...fasting is a very hard thing : ) I'm glad your bro-in law is okay.

holli said...

Kerra again and again you seem to amaze me with your great words of inspiration. What would I ever do without you.....I don't know! You have been the bestest (Yes, that is a word in my vocab.) friend ever. You always are so truthful and honest, great with words of course, a great listener and always so kind and giving of everything. I always have and will continue to look up to you for the great example that you are. Thank you for always being there. I want you to know how much you and your family mean to me. I Love you guys very much!!!!

Lisa said...

Thank you for this post Kerra. You have such a way with words and expressing yourself and your feelings. I seriously feel uplifted after reading this. I can honestly say that I have never fasted that long and I don't know if I could really do it. What a great thing you guys are doing. You are such a great person!

Nicole said...

So... I am not positive but pretty sure that today is your birthday.I always think about you whenever it is April 12th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!(I think)

Jaimelee and Steven Holm said...

you go girl. You are an incredible person inside and out. And I am positive that the lord will bless you for your efforts. Love ya.

Nanette said...

Wow! I'm really impressed. Not sure I could do that for 3 days! But I am truly inspired by your faith and willingness to become closer to the Lord during this time. Nothing humbles you more than that. Way to go you two!!