Sunday, November 30, 2008

Structural Integration

What is it and why do you want it?

SI is a process of re-educating the body through movement and touch. It systematically releases patterns of stress and impaired function. Basically, in a nutshell I organize the muscles of the body putting them back where they belong.

What do you mean"Organize" the muscles? Have you ever looked down at your feet to notice the way you stand? Are your feet pointing in or out or maybe just one foot is a little off?

Have you noticed how you always seem to be "tight" in the shoulders and sometimes it hurts to turn your neck because it feels tight? Have you been diagnosed with TENDINITIS or are you weak in the arms and you have numbness or tingling and loss of grip in your hands?

Do you suffer from severe migraines or just really bad headaches? Do your hips or knees hurt when your standing on tile floors or just standing for long periods of time in general?

Have you ever been diagnosed with PLANTAR FASCIITIS? Does your doctor recommend cortisone shots because you have an aching shoulder or knee?

Are you a runner who suffers from I.T. Band Syndrome? Do you or someone you know have TMJ? How are your sinus? Do you constantly feel plugged up?

Have you had a baby or are you trying to get pregnant(and the doctor has ruled out any internal issues for not)? Have you been in a minor fender bender or a really bad car accident?

How about SCIATICA? Or abdominal issues i.e. not enough or to many bowels, menstral cycle being to much or you skip months?

What about just being STIFF or feeling TIGHT? Are you always TIRED and you feel like you just can't move as easily or gracefully as you would like?

Are you a dancer, gymnast, hard core work out buff, writer, painter, guitar player, a violinist, a MOM or DAD, child with A.DH.D., a hair dresser, an athlete, someone who just wants to feel better and is tired of all the wrong answers for you?

Structural Integration is form of Massage Therapy. At times it can be intense and it is not a "Feel Good" massage, but it can change your life.

I would love to hear from anyone who has more questions about what I do, where I trained, how much sessions cost, how I could help you, why should you come see me, does this massage hurt?

Before 10 Session and After 10 Session Series

This client came to me because her hip kept popping out and she was seeing the chiropractor 2 times a week. She completed the 10 Series Session in about 7 weeks and so far her hip has been great. She is a very active athlete who continues to receive bodywork to maintain her flexibility, but she claimed to feel more energetic, have more endurance and not feel so tight. * Notice the difference in height in the before and after photos as well as the space between her legs and how forward or straight her head is. (you can't tell from this photo but she gained and 1 1/2 in. in height.

The 10 Series session is a series of 10, 90 minute sessions that completely realigns the body's structure and function. We work from bottom to top, top to bottom , inside to outside, front to back, opening up all muscles taking you to the core structure of your body.

It's completely amazing to watch the transformation in each client and for you to gain a greater understanding of how your body was designed to work.

S.I. is a Body Beautiful from the inside out!


Camille said...

WOW!! You should make a comerical, or was this one?! LOL! That pretty much sums up everyone. But I'm SURE it works, remember that time I fell and hurt my ribs and I couldn't breathe, and your little tiny self "fixed" me after 20 minutes? You're really good at what you do, its great you are doing something with you career to help others feel better!

Jayci said...

Um, I think this sounds SO COOL! Where did you train? How much does it cost? I'd love to hear more about it. I'm kinda into making my body better! E-mail me! Love you!

The Cavalieri Family said...

I didn't know this is what you did. I thought you were like a personal trainer or something. Sounds very interesting!

Teeples Family said...

Oh Kerra, I NEED YOU!!! I swear, every one of those people you talked about is ME! Man, I wish I lived closer to you and you could fix me up. Maybe someday. I would seriously love to do something like this.

Keely said...

Now I REALLY wish you lived closer...I would have you work your miracle on me! :)
You really are good at what you do Kerra, you should be proud of your accomplishments!

It was so nice to spend time with you at Thanksgiving. I'm so excited you're coming back in a few weeks for Christmas! :)

The Lapuaho's said...

Hey you!! Remember me....I got into a little fender bender with you riding in my car!! I really wished you lived in SLC I coudl really use your services. Do you know anyone in SLC who you would recommend? Thanks Stacy! email me at

holli said...

Look at you working your stuff! What an amazing person you are. Since Harley and Curtis hog the whole bed, I sleep in these weird postions, so I wake up in some major pain. I think that I for sure could use your help. I mean, What are BBF's for, RIGHT!!!! I Love You!!!

Malea and Parx said...

I really really need to do this

Fritzsche's said...

Prive I wish I could take a few weeks and come down there to see you. I of course have been having my lower back pain shooting into my leg and also have been have pain in my left shoulder clavical area. It's driving me crazy. Anyway I'm sure you work wonders!

Meladie said...

That sounds awesome. I think its so great that you love what you're sounds like you great at it too!

stocksfamily said...

I thought you were a personal trainer. Are you a massage therapist? That's cool what your doing! It sounds like what the massage therapist at my work does. But she also kind of "molds" bodies too. She says there's a thing called fasha (don't know how to spell it) or scar tissue that builds up all over in people's bodies and collects toxins and bunches up and causes all sorts of problems. She melts it and moves it in her massage technique. Is that like what you do?