Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Once again, it's about me!

So here is my two tags in one: 25 things about me and crazy 8's. Don't you worry, I will keep it short,sweet and to the point.

8 favorite shows: Seriously I really only have two, The Office and One Tree Hill

8 things I did yesterday: went to the gym, went to mom and me aerobics, went to embrodery plus to make my Halloween costume, went to Halloween Alley at the Tonaquint Nature Center, went to Golden Spoon for a treat after, helped Sarah finish some baby shower decorations, called my clients to schedule appts. for the week. Wow, I'm incrediably interesting

8 favorite places to eat: Samauri 21, Pachangas, Cafe Rio, Don Pedros, My moms, Milts in Cedar, Pasta/Pizza Factory, Egg n I

25 Things about me:
* I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mustard on almost everything.
*I sleep with a night light or the bathroom light on. I totally get night anxiety and I know I'm a freak
* I do not enjoy the snow
* I totally love sweets and I have to work really hard to not eat them
*I don't like chocolate. I will eat brownies and those homemade oreos, but thats 'bout it
*I am not LDS even though I have lived in Utah since I was 3
*I was raised up in good 'ol Fillmore Utah. Yes peeps, there really is a town there!
*I have one very dumb tattoo on my ankle
*I have a huge issue with people wearing shoes in my house. I still love you but you gotsta take yer shoes off
*I can help people grow taller
*I am the oldest of all the grandchildren on both sides. I guess that's why I'm everyone's favorite!!
*I started running this year
*I have been married before
*I bought my first house at 22 when I was single and shopping for someone to love! Guess I found him in the exact same complex!
*My first grade teacher was my favorite and most meaningful to me
*I write poems sometimes
*I do not enjoy shopping in crowded places
*I won a car
*I'm totally high strung and I stress out way to much
*I like red wine
*I love morning coffee
*My friends would say I am the most outspoken and daring
*I was a bagger at Albertsons for a very very short time:(
*I hate my smile and I once asked the dentist if he could fix it for me. He said yes but I would have to have my jaw broken and reconstructed. I decided maybe I would just show these gums for life
*I have worn glasses since the third grade

Well everyone, there you have it. A few more exciting tidbits about my life. Enjoy!


Boo and Sara said...

I love reading these posts. It is so fun to learn more about people. The Office is my favorite show and homemade oreos are my favorite. I will be back in St. George this weekend for 2 months. We should get together for a run. When do you usually run?

holli said...

Thanks for sharing those facts about you! I love learning more about my "Best Friend" It was fun to see how many things I knew of those 25 things....I think that I know you pretty well! Love you lots!!!

Boo and Sara said...

I was thinking about running the 1/2 marathon. If I ran 3 miles 4 days ago will I have time to prepare for the half? I think I can do it. Email me your number slyon11301@msn.com and then I will text you mine. You have motivated me. I will look into registering for it if it is not already too late.

The Cavalieri Family said...

Okay, who was your first grade teacher? I had Mrs. Wood. After being in Utah since you were 3 , have you ever checked into the LDS church? And finally, YOU WON A CAR?!?
Also, do you ever think about that day we ate at hogi yogi and "the sprout?" I still do sometimes and it makes me laugh. If ever I tell that story I totally crack up and no one seems to think it is quite as funny as I do. Just wondering if I'm the only one who remembers and cracks up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerra,
This is Tala, Scott Lee's sister-in-law.
Yes, I would most definitely love a t-shirt, you guys looked so cute in them. I'd like a medium and then a small for my 4 yr old girl. Let me know how much it costs. Take care!

The Cavalieri Family said...

Okay, I loved the novel, and I'll see if I can give you one back. First of all, the Mario costume WAS great. She is so funny. I don't know if you followed the link to my friend Liz's blog. She has posted more pics and some from last year. Laura (Mario) was a missionary last year. She won for best costume. It was hilarious. Speaking of missionaries, were you in love with them while they were here serving a mission or you knew them before and sent them off? Very important details. You could have made it very hard to stay focused if they were trying to teach you:). So what church are you going to every week? I remember that I went with you one time in St. George. I also have spent a little time in nursery. I loved it there. I think that kids that age are so easy to love. I wouldn't want to be there forever, but I sure enjoyed it while I was there. Now I am with the young women. And finally to the sprout. You remember how we would always ask if we had anything in our teeth? (I am already laughing just thinking about it) A group of us had been to lunch and were walking back to the school. You asked if you had anything in your teeth and without looking, everyone said no. I happen to look up and see a ginormous green sprout in your front tooth. (I am still laughing). I couldn't say anything, just laugh. As everyone else noticed they started laughing too. You were trying to figure out what the heck was so funny. Does that ring any bells? BTW you are not a bad friend for NOT remembering; I am a bad friend FOR remmebering! How did I do on my novel????

The Venutis said...

That was fun!!! I can't wait to see your costume:)

T.K. said...

I love reading your posts ur so hillarious!!

Marcae said...

Can you really make me taller??? PLEASE!!!

Megan Andersen said...

I love red wine too!!! We should have a glass together one day--seriously, I wanna meet my friend I never met!!