Saturday, February 27, 2010

V-Day 2010

So this year I decided to be a little romantic and plan a surprise get- a- way for me and J to the (drumroll please).... Courtyard Marriott in St.George UT!!! Yes, I know I know I'm quite the high roller but sometimes I really wait until the last minute when all the rooms are gone and we celebrate V-Day a week early?!;} Feb. 8th!
I left a key to the room with a note on our bed saying meet me here but please stop by the front desk of the hotel (where I left a little present;0). I made sure to be out of the house by 3:30 because J always comes home by 4.
I'm waiting for him in my sexiest outfit (tried on the lingerie that has never been worn and because mother nature took the girls away after Dylan was full to the brim the lingerie made me look like a helium deflated balloon) so I threw on my running shirt!! Ha, what makes you feel more sexy then worn out lycra from a race you won?! Not much
When 4:45 the 5:30 rolls around I'm thinking, hmmmm what the heck so I txt him and say "Bring the egg rolls" (for my midnight snack). He sends back a ?.
I say"where r u".
Long story short I know his exact come home from the office, put his laptop by the couch, go STRAIGHT to the bedroom to change into gym shorts. At the same time. Everyday.
Not today.
He went straight to the office to finish some listings and didn't even see the note.
He made it to the hotel in 5 minutes after I txt'd.
We headed to Osaka for some sushi and then....... I fell asleep in the hotel @ 8:30?!?!
What the?
Sorry ladies, no juicy details of sweet passionate love making. I'm turning 30 next month and I'm getting old!!
All in all he was totally surprised and we had a great time together.

Here are some pics from our most handsome cheetah making V-Day chex mix for his class!
What a babe! Might I add he totally added the hand to the chin pose. HELP ME!!!!!


holli said...

That pose that Dylan is pulling is one that I could totally see his mom doing! I think that he has been watching her a little too closely.

Meladie said...

Your son is just so cute. And I'm dying laughing at your V-day romance time :) Thats a great story.