Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sound Alseep

with crossed feet!!!
Here's how I found Dylan on the "top bunk" tonight when I
went to check on him.

Toy in hand, a MUST every single night, rain or shine!
Dirty little tattoo left over from Saturday's b-day party... Yep, been bathed and everything!
Foot crossed over knee, a usual for this boy!
And don't forget, he got to sleep on the "top bunk"(or so he thinks! Only til we go to bed then J moves him down)!


holli said...

Does Dylan feel like he is a bigger boy if he sleeps on the top bunk, or is he saving the bottom bunk for aunt Holls to come sleep on? I just love that little boy, he is so stinking cute!!!

Meladie said...

I just love that. I love to walk in and check them and find something so cute...it makes you wonder what they were doing/thinking about when they nodded off. Adorable.

Megan Andersen said...

Don't you love the dirty little tatoos!!! I'm sporting one myself...a fake one that is.

Anyway, your legs are killing me in your profile picture! So Hot!!

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