Friday, September 4, 2009

Family Ties

That's right it was the 5th (couldn't believe that much time has gone by) annual Brown, Skinner, Ryan family reunion!
As usual we had a blast and this years theme(cuz mom always comes up with one) was "Family Ties". We all wore "tie- dye" t-shirts and had a scavenger hunt hiding things that "tied" each individual family together and then all of us as a whole.
We decided to take it back to our roots and head to Fillmore for a long dirty weekend in the canyon. We stayed at one of our favorite childhood spots, Pistol Rock!
The men were totally unsure of the woman's choice in camping and fishing spots, but we proved them wrong(as usual):}

Dylan helping dad drive up the canyon like mom used to do!

Justin with his first fishy;[ Poor thing. Nice arms babe:}
The first attempt at the "timed" family pic! Look what we got
Second attempt...look at my bad bad habit
Ta da!!! If your wondering why my shirt doesn't match-it was the ONLY one that faded. I'm always taking one for the team

Making crafts. Don't look at my posture. That is sick and wrong

Two very creepy fisherman:]

Dylan with the "gun" he found

Ky with his"Narnia forever" sword (he will love that when he's older)

Throwing rocks in the creek. could have done this


Nicole said...

You tell your mom that I LOVE the "tied together theme." I want to hear more about the scavenger hunt. I may have to totally tuck that idea away in my "grandma folder!"
I don't think I have ever been there. It looks really pretty. I love Dylan in his little hat. What a doll.

holli said...

I LOVE those tie-dye shirts. I was thinking that yours was looking a little different than your moms and Sarah's. I am glad that you are always there to take one for the team. BTW...did you get that "LOG" to flush? Just wondering!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!

Christina said...

We hardly ever do the family reunion thing. Camping never. I am so jealous of your sweet tie dyed shirts! I too have that terrible habbit. What is your schedule like? I want to get together sometime and meet your little man. Then once you see my 4 psyhco children, you will understand where my crazy comes from!
Thanks for trying to get to my website. Did it still never work? Maybe it depends if you use a certain browser. I don't know. I will try to get it figured out. Thanks for the heads up.

Meladie said...

How fun! Pistol Rock!!! Wow, I haven't heard or been to that place forever. Looks like a great time, I'm lovin the "tied together" theme! Seriously, so cute. And you guys look hot in your tie-dyed shirts. Dylan's a little babe.

Neilson Family said...

That looks SO FUN!! I love how creative you all are. It is such a great idea. And, by the way, I think your shirt was the BEST one! ;) Dylan looks like he was having fun helping Dad drive. Kash asks me all the time if he can drive. I think he might be a little CRAZY! :)

Fritzsche's said...

Looks fun! Love the shirts!

Jayci said...

I think you guys all look totally hot in your tie-dyes. & the whole family tied together theme is freakin' creative! I'm impressed!

I LOL'ed over the family pics. You guys crack me up ;)

Megan Andersen said...

Looks like relative bliss--how fun!

Cassandra said...

FUN! I like the scary fishermen pic though...think it shows their true nature and just how weird they are.