Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keepin it Real- Old Skool Style

Sorry babe, I just had to do it!

Justin and I are going through the deepest darkest parts of our closets to get ready for a YARD SALE, when to my pure horror and disbelief that we had moved 4 times with these monsters, I see them....... some Air Force 1's (or whatever they are called) in the closet on a shelf with no dust(like he had dusted them yesterday).
I looked shocked to actually see something of such "space like quality" still following us around. As he picks them up to smell them he is whining about how they are Jordan something or others and they cost $140 dollars and he really tore up some court in those babies.
I bet he did and I bet they did, but know lets see Justin in 10th grade+9 years-the UGLIEST shoes I have ever seen= no longer equivalent to $140. More like $4. And for all the storage space he has been hogging with those moon boots I deserve a new pair of shoes!
Long story short.... after second guessing himself they went to the garage yard sale pile. Here is how I found them as I made sure he really threw them out.

All set up like the day he saw them through the window at Footlocker:}


holli said...
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holli said...

Curtis is totally jealous of those bad boys and wants to know how much you want for them. He also wants to know if you have such a high demand for them, if he needs to place a bid on them. I am just sitting here laughing wondering when Justin was going to pull those things out and sport them. Poor Justin...we still love you and by no means are we making fun of you. Curtis said that you are lucky, cause he was too poor to buy any Air Force 1's when he was younger!!!

Meladie said...

That is hilarious! Those are some beauties, no wonder he was keeping those around :)

Waybs said...

Keepin it real "UGLY"! But man do I wish I had a picture of this hideous bright yellow ECKO hoody that I had to beg Jake to get rid of. Actually I think I snuck it in the garbage one day along with a few other items.