Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whew..... Here is Our MAY in Review

It all started out May 2 with a PrInCeSs and her Beau getting married!!! Yah, the day had finally arrived!
To celebrate we ladies started the celebration out with a bang by having a PINK themed Bachlorette party! What a night... we had so much fun eating at Samauri 21 and then staying up all night at Tonya's(thanks so much Tonya for a great night).

May 2nd was a beautiful day and of course my little sister couldn't have looked more stunning.
She asked me to write their vows for them so I decided to write a little something sentimental to the both of them that included a few of their favorite inside jokes!

What might a big sister say to her little sister and husband on their wedding day?
Don't sweat the small stuff, a classic line from the past
Never go to bed angry is what every elder marriage does say
Life is to short, so try to soak it up, every minute of everyday
Say your sorry even if it's not your fault
Say I Love You and mean it, it's not just a four letter word you throw out
Be the more mature adult, hold your tongue. Learn not to shout
Cry if you need to , it always helps to get it out
Talk about adventures you someday want to take
Plan spontaneous date nights, leave love notes on the mirror
Compliment each other
Learn these words-Yes Dear
Help change the light bulbs and a T.V. or two
Don't forget that dirty dish and flush when you take a poo
Give kisses in the morning
And always say goodbye
Don't dwell on the past or opportunities that passed you by
It's never easy when your wrong, but you won't always be right
And your life is never greener on the other side
So choose your battles wisely, talk things out when you need to decide
And remember little ears are listening, don't say things to make them cry
Sometimes be romantic, it doesn't take much just make it from the heart
laugh at each others dumb jokes
Tell stories from when you were young
Like each others families, but remember their just that
Because today for forever, this is where it's at
Husband and wife with son in tow
The Skinner family, Woo Hoo, we all made it-what a road
Marriage is hard, the hardest job you will have
Remember: Keep God first
He will guide you with his plan

It was an amazing day and everyone stayed up late enjoying great food and good friends!

May 10! Happy very very late Mothers Day to all!
Justin and I decided that we would mark an already special day with the child dedication of Dylan. It was great to celebrate such an important event with our family and be able to explain to Dylan why he would want to dedicate his life to the Lord.

May 25 made me stop and reflect a lot more this year then any other. With the passing of 4 young lives in the month of August last year, I once again realized just how precious each breathe really is. Whether it's the last chance you have to cruise around the world or the last "see you later" you may get to say, take it. Say it, do it, be it, live it, dream it. When we are left behind to personally grieve or grieve for those we love who have lost someone, your person becomes so much more aware of life's daily grace.
And in a time of such adversity among the nations, you take more time to pray for the soldiers who continually put their lives on the line for us. Complete strangers that they will never meet. You pray for the soldiers whose lives have been lost and for their families. A thank you will just never be enough.

May 26 and beyond was full of beautiful bodies requiring a bit of structural integration and homes that finally got purchased!!! Yah for my babe who continued to work hard and contract two in the month of May!
Dylan and his best friend and cousin Kyler have spent endless hours in the sun at Kys new pool and spent a day on the town with Justin going to Denny's for breakfast, Pioneer park, Petco and the movie UP.
Yah to me for finally getting off my butt and posting!


Meladie said...

I just love your posts! So I won't give you a hard time and say it's about time! :) Sarah is an absolutely stunning bride! Holy cow, she's gorgeous and don't think I didn't notice you sexy lookin thing as well in those pics! You look beautiful! I love what you wrote for the vows...SOOO true and so good. Thank you for reminding us how short life can be and to enjoy it every minute. You are a true example of someone who never takes advantage of life. I admire you for that. SO-when we gettin' together? I miss you! We need to plan a play date soon...I could even come down there and we could hit the park or something with the kids...I always need a good excuse to come down there and hit costco :) Lmk.

Keely said...

Kerra... I LOVE the pink wig! You should wear it all the time, you could totally pull it off!! LOL!!
Jake and Sarah's wedding looked beautiful. I'm so happy everything went so well for them. And is it just me...or do Jake and Justin look alike??!!

Christina said...

Isn't it weird how sometimes you feel like you are on such a roll with blogging and other times a month goes by and you haven't found the time to even think about it! Sounds like you guys had a busy month! Sarah looked so beautiful! I loved what you wrote for their vows! It was a good refresher for me. I might have to copy and paste and print out a copy and accidently leave it on my husbands desk...

lil' bohemian said...

Kerra- you are looking so nice and toned in those photos! Keep up the good work. And can you inspire my fat ass to get some motiviation? Kisses - J