Saturday, February 28, 2009

GiRLs, gIrLs, GIRLS!!

Last weekend I spent the night in Cedar at the Springhill Suites (thanks Nana Julie for always having the hook ups) with some of my closest childhood friends.
We spent the entire night (until 5 a.m.) talking, laughing and eating lots of yummy food (the sinful fruit pizza that I had a hard time keeping my hands off)!
These are the Millard girls with whom I have created quite a list of "almost not legal, but never got caught" activities. Some of which include:

  • Speeding down the center lane of main street while Jayci mooned the boys in the truck next to us
  • removing items from the front and the back of the local grocery store and then randomly placing them on peoples front lawn
  • taking underwear off the outside laundry line from peoples backyards and then putting them in the glove box of someones dads truck (sorry Mr. Kunz)!! Not Really:)
  • kissing many, many boys in the basement at Mandi's house and then sneaking them out in the wee hours of the morning
  • driving Meladie's car very foolishly into snow banks, huge mud puddles and onto dirt roads to have it finally break down while we were ditching 4th period and having to hitch back and get the boys to start it before school was over
  • driving four-wheelers through the night and all over the new golf course and out running the cops
  • going to the cemetery and pretending to be scared with our 9th grade boyfriends
  • back talking Mrs. white in 6th grade and making fun of the whole in the back of her white stir-up (yah, you read that right-STIRRUP) pants
  • farting all the way home from Delta and Cedar cause I ate to many cherries and getting made fun of for the rest of my life
  • driving Meladie clear to Monroe to make out with Lance
  • watching every drill team competition and being as proud of them as they were for being such freakin awesome dancers
  • obsessing and crying over every stupid boy we LOVED!
  • Driving at the last minute of the moment to SLC to Adrian's wedding
  • driving all night to Payson to see Heidi with Kambree the day she was born!
We have known each other our entire life and although after high school we moved away and some of us lost touch, we quickly catch right back up where we left off! I can't wait to do it again!

Me, Mandi, Jayci and Meladie

On Saturday night I spent another girls night out with some hot babes from St. George!
We wined and dined at the good 'ol Texas Roadhouse! Um... I love that yummy barbecue chicken!
Although these girls are newer to my heart, they are just as important. We could stay up all night looking through old pics and laughing at old flames!!
There is never a dull moment when we get together!:} Thanks Kaysh for always sharing your
warm bed with me!!

Sarah, Misty Bayba, Me, Kaysh and Amanda


Keely said...

Great girlfriends are the best. Seriously...what would life be like without them? I hope I never know. look absolutely beautiful in those pictures.

The Johnson's said...

I have so been looking forward to this post!! & I am SO sad that I missed the real thing!!! What awesome memories, huh?!?!? I love the way you described the um... "almost not legal, but never got caught" activities. What a perfect description!!! Crazy times!! I agree with Keely (above)--you DO look absolutely GORGEOUS in the pictures!!! I hope I can come to the next girls night!!

I also wanted to THANK YOU for your comment on my blog about the picture. It didn't offend me at ALL! I honestly couldn't decide if I liked it at all or not so I really appreciate you being honest! You always make me feel GREAT for daring to take the leap with my photography & I am grateful to have a friend that is SO supportive!! THANK YOU so much!!!

Camille said...
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holli said...

Again, I am ssssooooooo sad :( that I had to miss out on that girls night. I think this needs to be more than a annual thing! Well, I do see that you named SOME of our crazy things that we used to do. I am so surprised that we didn't find our butts sitting in jail. I mean Mandi, you, and me during our Cedar City times. WOW!!!!

About your comment on my page, that was the Kathy that was at the Lia Sophia party. The funeral was really good. You know how you go to some funerals and it is reading out of scriptures and quotes and nothing is really about the person. Well this was all about him. I loved it, that is exactly how I want my funeral. It should be about memories of that person. I have also decided that when my day comes, I want YOU.....Yes give a talk at mine. No, I am not kidding if that is what you are asking yourself! You never know when that day is going to come! I Love you guys all so much! Thanks for always being there! You're The BEST!!!!!

The Gilleland Family said...

I am really sad I couldn't come. But you all would have had to sleep with ear plugs in because I snore so bad when I am pregnant. I'm sure it is only when I am pregnant:) Anywhoo, we'll have to do it again real soon! BTW, some of those memories make me really scared for what my kids will do!

Marcae said...

Okay, so I have been really LAME at keeping updated on everyone's blogs. First of go girl on that last 1/2 marathon. Look at you go.

Second...I am laughing hysterically over your high school memories. Although I wasn't present for many of those shenanigans, I do remember hearing about all of them. It's always so much fun to get together with the girls and reminisce. Glad you guys had a good time.

Meladie said...

I missed your update somehow! Holy cow, I love the post...all the reminiscing of memories! Ha ha...we had good times! I had so much fun that night with you guys. You guys all are such great friends and I'll cherish our friendships forever. We need to get in touch and plan Jayci's thing...I was thinking maybe a lunch or something...we could either host a lunch or go out and do a little shower thing. What ya think? I'm free either the 2nd weekend or the last weekend in Mar...either work for you???

scott and melanie said...

ooh who's had to much wine!!lol

Lisa said...

Oh my heck, I am laughin my butt off right now picturing in my mind everything you girlies did! Oh my, the good old days :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE girls weekends! I leave on thursday for my annual girls weekend and will have NO kids or hubby till I get home Sunday night!!! Oh ya, can ya tell I am just a little bit excited??? You are just the hottest little thing, such cute pics! said...

WUT SOME HOT BABES!!! it was fun seeing u all. we need 2 do a girls night more often!! u make me laugh always. i'm gladd i met u through kaysha & mel!